Positively Passionate Doula Services – the Origin Story

Hello all!

My name is Stephanie and I am the founder and head doula of Positively Passionate Doula Services. On a professional level, I am a quiet, calm presence, a great resource on all things birthy, and someone who can be relied on to be there for you. On a personal level, I am a wife, a mother of three little girls, a knowledge seeker, and a big fan of trips to the bathroom by myself (Ha! Like that’s even possible! A girl can dream…).


I have always been interested in reproduction, psychology, and newborns. While figuring out where I’d like to take this interest, my life took an unexpected turn and I introduced my firstborn into my life. Like a lot of doulas the reason I decided to pursue this passion project was because of a traumatic birthing experience – and that was it, though at the time I didn’t know that this was where it would take me. Many years passed and I did a lot of research on the birth world and maternity care in the United States. We welcomed our second daughter into the world with an amazing, healing home birth. Then a year and a half later, our third daughter (with the wonderful skills I learned from taking Mighty Mama’s Hypnobabies® class).

Summer 2016 my husband decided it was about time that I take my dream of helping women not have to go through what I did and make it a reality. I soon signed up for classes with Childbirth International and Hypnobabies®. October 2016 I became certified as a Hypno-doula and started taking births. Being a doula has been an amazing experience. I love being able to help educate, empower, and hold space for women and families as they navigate the road from pregnancy to birth to newborn! There is something magical about seeing a family hold their new little one in their arms for the first time. It leaves me in awe and tears every time.