Meet The Doula

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When I was a child, I watched my parents’ friends and family members struggle with fertility issues, childlessness and difficulties conceiving and carrying children to full, healthy term. Witnessing the pain, heartache and heartbreak they experienced over and over again gave me a passion for helping mothers through the wonderful, occasionally frustrating or even maddening experiences of pregnancy and childbirth.

I love people, children and families, and have always been inspired by the strength of people and the miracle of birth. After my own experiences with homebirth and Hypnobabies® Childbirth Hypnosis, I decided that becoming a doula would be a great way to empower other women to make choices that they feel are right for them. I proudly serve people and families throughout the majority of the greater Chicagoland area. I am here to provide unbiased information and emotional support which benefits people and families during pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum. Every person deserves to have someone there to guide and assist them in making educated choices about their pregnancy, and to remind them that they can trust in the strength of their bodies during this time.

Recently Stephanie joined forces with Birthways Inc, a doula company based in Chicago and servicing the city and surrounding area. She is very excited to become part of their team! Birthways offers postpartum doulas, labor doulas, breastfeeding support, and childbirth education. They even have a sleep specialist on staff. She looks forward to being able to help support more clients!

To learn more about my experience or my services, feel free to contact Birthways Inc at their website, by email (, or by phone (888.506.0607). Also, click here to visit my Facebook page and here to check out my DoulaMatch listing!

What Former and Current Clients Are Saying!

“Stephanie was an integral part of my birth team! She was there for me every step of the way! She attended my final birthing class and  also did a mock labor to practice laboring positions. She was also terrific at keeping an open line of communication. I texted her easily 30 times in the final weeks! She’s always got back to me immediately and offered encouragement and advice. Stephanie served as a  support system and advocate during my birthing time. She helped me maintain focus and confidence to achieve the natural birth that I planned. She even captured some priceless photos along the way! I cannot put into words how truly invaluable Stephanie was to me and my husband as we welcomed our sweet boy into the World! After the birth she assisted in achieving baby’s first latch and stayed to ensure a comfortable transition to Mother-Baby. After bringing baby home, she paid us an in-home visit. She brought us dinner, helped with the baby and our older child, and allowed me time to get some things done around the house! Stephanie was incredible to work with!”
Victoria C.

Stephanie is an amazing doula! Both my husband and I can testify to Stephanie’s knowledge and abilities. With this being our first pregnancy we wanted to ensure we had a great experience and encouraging coach to help us throughout the process. We were utilizing the Hipnobabies course that Stephanie had ample knowledge about and was able to answer any questions or concerns we had. With our vision of having an all-natural birth Stephanie was there every step of the way to help answer questions and concerns we had. She educated us on what to expect and on what will help the overall process. Throughout the delivery Stephanie was very professional and nurturing, she consistently knew my wishes and had great suggestions that were always in my best interest. Overall Stephanie helped us achieve our all-natural birth just as we wanted. We recommend her to anyone, Thank you so much Stephanie!!
Danielle B

In short, Stephanie is an amazing doula! She’s passionate about her work and brings such a calming presence to the table. I absolutely love that she offers unique Hypnobabies integrated Hypno-doula support! Such a great option for mother’s who are looking for a little more than traditional doula support. Her knowledge of labor support is quite impressive. I highly recommend her!
Angie S

I hired Stephanie to be my doula at 36 weeks. I interviewed a doula before her, but went with Stephanie because I felt a lot more comfortable with her. She was amazing. She was quick to respond and meet with me. She was thorough with me in figuring out my birth plan. This was my third pregnancy, but first time doing a natural birth. I definitely could not have done it without her. She was an amazing support pre-pregnancy, where she’d respond to my texts/calls promptly; and the night I went into labor she was by my side right away. I had a lot of back labor and Stephanie was amazing at helping me find comfortable positions and massaging my back. Stephanie was always available to me for post-partum support. She provided me with any resources I needed for breastfeeding, etc. I am so thankful to have found her and will recommend her to anyone!
Rhonna V.

Well to simply put it Stephanie is an amazing Doula!  This was my second baby and I was preparing for a vbac. So I knew I would need a lot of support to try and  reach my goal of a natural delivery. She was knowledgeable, positive and beyond supportive. The end of pregnancy can be draining and mentally difficult on any mother-to-be  but she helped me stay level headed during the many, many long nights of prodromal labor. When labor finally started she was just a phone call away! She was the voice of reason  quiet shoulder to lean on and a perfectly timed moment of comedic relief that was very much needed. Her skill as a Doula is one to be wanted by any expectant mother or couple (she was an amazing help to my husband as well!) I got my vbac and welcomed a beautiful baby boy and I am so grateful she was there with me!
Meghan M.