Childbirth Hypnosis

Whether you are simply interested in what Childbirth Hypnosis is or are already taking a class, you’ll find some useful information here. I strongly recommend Hypnobabies® but love and support all childbirth hypnosis.

What is Childbirth Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is recognized by the American Medical Association and defined by the US Department of Labor as, “the bypass of the critical faculty of the conscious mind, followed by the enhanced ability to accept suggestion”.

Clinical hypnosis for medical purposes is used to slow pulse and respiration rates, lower blood pressure, and lessen or eliminate discomfort entirely. Doctors and dentists use this type of hypnotic conditioning with their patients to create “hypno-anesthesia” for their patients who are allergic to medical anesthesia. These doctors and dentists perform surgeries with no medical anesthesia, with no discomfort and no side-effects.

Hypnobabies® and Stephanie

My journey with Hypnobabies® started during my third pregnancy. I had two previous natural births (one hospital, one home birth) but felt that they were lacking in something. My good friend, Danielle Meintanis, is a Hypnobabies® instructor and suggested that I take her class. My normally skeptical attitude was soon put aside as I learned more about what Hypnobabies® is and how effective it turned out to be.
After having such an easy, calm, and beautiful Hypnobabies® birth, I knew that when I became a doula, I wanted to be a Hypno-Doula. The mere thought that I could help a family have as much of a fulfilling experience as I did makes my heart happy.
If you’re curious, I’d love to tell you my Hypnobabies® birth story!